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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Un escritorazo

Ulica krokodyli
(source: Zeitgeist)
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I found today on Facebook a wonderful text from an author totally unknown for me. A Spanish translation, El otro otoño, and the author was Bruno Schulz. I looked on Wikipedia, to find out that this writer had actually been one of the great Polish language prose stylists of the 20th century, author of some amazingly imaginative short stories. His life ended tragically, one of the Holocaust victims.

I found then on youTube an animated movie, inspired by the story of Bruno Schulz. It deserves to be watched, it's a masterpiece of absurd cinema!

I commented on the Facebook post, saying that this was superb prose, like poetry and that I didn't know anything about this author, though he lived in a country neighboring mine. They replied enthusiastically, un escritorazo.

Well, this escritorazo put me in deep difficulty, due to my very limited knowledge of Spanish. What was supposed to be escritorazo? A great escritor, or, todo lo contrario, some freaking kind of an escritor? I started to search on the web till I found a link that clarified me the meaning. It was an article about the Colombian writer Pablo Montoya, published in El Espectador, concluding that se los digo de corazón: ¡Pablo Montoya es un escritorazo!

And I realized that un escritorazo means, in plain English, a fucking good writer (or, to put it mildly, this time in Romanian, un scriitor dat naibii de bun)

(Refranero español)



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