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Friday, January 15, 2010

Dziga Vertov in New York

In the camera's eye a day passes within earshot of eternity, was Dziga Vertov saying in 1922.

The title is confusing; this 8 minute indie is written, directed, cinematographed, edited and produced, all in one, by Cameron Pearson. It's a tribute to Dziga Vertov, and by times you feel it's the Russian behind the camera. The same freshness, the same joyous taste for making details relevant. The people in the movie are the humble ones from New York, those struggling with poverty, yet there is a joyfulness in their attitude, an optimism, and here you feel again Vertov. It's also a tribute to Jacob Riis: you should read his bio in Wikipedia, it's astonishing. I would post some more photos made by him, here I give you only one, the most famous:

Bandit's Roost at 591/2 Mulberry Street, 1888

(Cameron Pearson)

(New York, New York)

(Dziga Vertov)

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