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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Magic Jacket of David Brooks

BoBos in Paradise: BoBos stands for Bourgeois Bohemians. It's the upper class of the current generation of 50 - 60 old, the guys who were the hippies and yuppies of the sixties and seventies.

The author of the book is David Brooks. Is he also a BoBo? As a teenager he was an ardent Democrat, his life since then has been an evolution to the right of the center. What did remain from his yuppie stands?

Well, as he confessed in NY Times today, Mr. Brooks owns a magic green jacket and he enjoys to wear it, now and then. With the magic jacket on, Mr. Brooks is worried for the bad prospects of the Democrats in November and devises strategies of rescue, that he would like to suggest to the president. But, as soon as Mr. Brooks takes his magic jacket off, he gets worried for the bad prospects of Republicans: what if president Obama already has these strategies in mind?

You can read here the full extent of the story with the magic jacket...

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