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Friday, August 06, 2010

NY Times: Casting Out the Un-French

Image published in The Telegraph (Photo Reuters)

An editorial in NY Times is criticizing the recent policies adopted in France against immigrants. The French president is fanning dangerous anti-immigrant passions for short-term political gains, says the article.

Foreign born French citizens could be stripped from now on of their citizenship if convicted of serious crimes. If anyone would think that the new policies do not target specifically Muslims, well, the list of these serious crimes include polygamy and female circumcision.

It is also about the Roma camps: they would be destroyed and the guys sent back to Romania and Bulgaria. For the French president it doesn't matter that both Romania and Bulgaria are EU members. Probably he considers them as second-rank members; and their citizens as second-rank EU citizens. Or is it a serius crime also to live in a Roma camp?

I am writing these lines with sadness: I love France, it is my birthplace and my first words mumbled as a baby were in French; I kept this love for France with me, in any place my life led me. But I am against any bigotry and against any arrogance: anti-Muslim, anti-Roma, anti-Romanian and anti-Bulgarian.

Read here the whole editorial from NY Times...

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