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Friday, January 07, 2011

2011: Seventh Day Seventh Tango

Alla Bayanova singing a nostalgic tango, Volga. It's a very old Columbia recording. Alla Bayanova was living in Bucharest by that time. Actually she lived there for tens of years, facing good times as well as bad times. She was, for some time, married with prince George Ypsilanti. During WWII she was put in a camp for one year, and then under police surveillance, suspected to be a Russian spy. She left Romania in 1988, settling in Moscow. In 2003 she sang in a concert there celebrating her 90th anniversary.

Volga: (video by 21031903)

I was once there, on the border of Volga. The great river was frozen. Unforgettable!

(Les Troubadours du Temps Jadis)


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