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Monday, July 08, 2013

From Sycamore Island to Sycamore Store

Glen Echo Trolley, once upon a time
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The old trackage of the Glen Echo Trolley; it was linking the Potomac countryside in Maryland to downtown Washington. The streetcars in DC stopped functioning in the sixties. Traces remain here and there, like this one, on the passage between Potomac and the MacArthur Boulevard, a footpath connecting Sycamore Island and Sycamore Store. A path that starts from the place where a small ferry is bringing you from the island, then the path is going up on a bridge over the Canal, then up toward a second bridge, over Clara Barton Parkway; and here comes the remnant of the old trackage, it used to be a stop here in the old days, now it looks rather Tarkovskian, sic transit gloria mundi (thus passes the glory of the world, in case you are not familiar with Latin); then the path finds its way to Mac Arthur Boulevard across Sycamore Store.

I tried to shot two videos: the first one with a wonderful musical background, the second, well I tried some experimental sound (it looks to me more Tarkovskian, believe me or not)

(Musical background: Schubert - The Trout, Quintet For Piano In A Major
Tema Con Variazioni, Andante

(Looking for the Old Trolley)



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