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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Edvard Grieg

I saw long time ago a movie telling in a romanticized way the early years of Edvard Grieg, his struggles (with the others, with himself) to discover his true inner as a musician, to shape his personality. The title of the movie was Song of Norway, it had been made in 1970, a loose adaption of an operetta from 1944.

The movie had been far from successful, but I was young and I liked romanticized stories about great composers. As I grew older and older I became more pretentious in my cinematic tastes, still the movies that I watched in my early years have remained like old pals for me. And also I had throughout the years a constant interest for Norway, for its history, its culture, its specific. I never visited that country and will never do it for sure. But my interest for everything that's Norwegian never faded.

Song of Norway (1970): Opening, Return from Intermission, & Closing Themes
(video by LoreneFaith)

(Old Masters)



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