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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Winslow Homer, Blown Away (c.1888)

Winslow Homer, Blown Away
watercolor and graphite on paper, c.1888
Brooklyn Museum
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I would like to thank here Marcia Bujold from which I share this image. I love the art of Winslow Homer. It has in the same time energy, delicacy, a dreaming mood, subtlety, it's incredible. And I love Maine.

Here is what someone commented on this image, speaking of another work of Winslow Homer, there is a pastel he did of two women walking along the coast of Maine, and the wind is blowing their long skirts, and one is knitting. It is one of my favorites, along with all of the rest, and the one I chose to do when we were assigned to emulate an artist of our choice. Most did choose the Impressionists, but I fancied Homer for some odd reason...a very good reason, I think...It is a charcoal...blacks, greys, reds, me thinks. Well I just love him and I love the boats on the sea.... (Désirée Krueger)

(Brooklyn Museum)

(Winslow Homer)

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