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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Daniel Alarcón

(click here for the Romanian version)

Born in Peru, he left for US as a toddler. By age ten he had read Kundera. At eleven he was memorizing Shakespeare. At twelve he had moved on to Vargas Llosa. At sixteen he was reading forty books in forty days. Wow! After graduating Columbia University, he was advised to write about his native Peru. Only he didn't know actually Peru. So when he gained a Fulbright scholarship to pursue a study of anthropology, he went to Lima and lived there for a while in one of the poorest barios, At twenty six he published in The New Yorker, City of Clowns (Ciudad de Payasas). I am eager to talk about it. His War by Candlelight (Guerra a La Luz de Las Velas) came in 2006, a collection of stories. Then it came Lost City Radio (Radio Ciudad Perdida), a novel translated in about ten languages. Daniel Alarcón currently lives in Oakland, CA and considers himself un norteamerincaico—a North Amer-Incan—citizen of a highly mutable, interconnected world [http://www.smithsonianmag.com/specialsections/innovators/alarcon.html].

(A Life in Books)

(Una Vida Entre Libros)



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